When you’re thinking about body cameras there is several features that need to be considering . Ease of use as a police officer you want a body camera that’s simple to turn on. You don’t want to have to find a tiny record button. Secondly durability. As a police officer you can understand the importance of ruggedly reliability equipment. Third software. Quality software is vital and the evidence management of videos taken with the body camera. Standard Technology has a camera that meets all of those Objectives.

Some of the things that I have found that I really like about using our body cameras is how simple it is to use. No fumbling around trying to find a power or record button. All the officer has to do is simply push or flick one button and begin recording the situation.

One of the other impressive features of our body cameras is the option of a forward facing screen. Which allows you to let the person see that there actually being recorded as they stand in front of you. It’s actually a game changer far as how people act In front of police officers. There going to be sometimes were showing the person that recording them is not going to be useful that’s when you can can use what we call stealthy mode. Simply reach hit the center button on the left side of the body. This will takes it into a stealthy mode not displaying any lights on the screen displaying on illuminating lights whats so ever. If you’re searching a building you wont want that illumination device on your body.

Couple features that I’ve been real excited about with our body camera is it does have this articulating head that allows me to turn the camera and swivel it in any direction I need to or maybe adjusts according to the officers height. I can put the thing anywhere on your uniform. It’s now give you so many different mounting options because of this adjust-ability.

I also like fact that the this camera has a simplified user interface. What it allows you to do is if I’m in the field and  I just recorded video you can actually watch it in the field before you write the police report. Sitting in the field you can watch it on the screen. I can actually review it. you can rewind it. You can fast-forward it. You can look at all the video taken that particular day or shift.

One other really neat feature that I like about the our body worn camera is the important button. The important button on the side is simple for you to use in law-enforcement because of the recording video you can actually reach up and hit the important button which is going to mark recorded video as important for later viewing. For example, if I walked up to a vehicle and I and I looked inside and I saw drugs in Plain view you could reach up hit the important button and that would earmark the video at that exact moment and time time.

When I pick up this wearable camera for the first time my first impression was how extremely well-built that it is. This camera has a protective coating to protect it in rugged situations. But also I was impressed when I picked up with how lightweight it is. When you wear it on your uniform you can hardly even tell it’s on

One very important aspect to consider is the software it’s going to back up to manage and maintain the videos taken with the body camera I’ve been really impressed with the software package and how great of a job it does at managing and securing body camera video. The best part is the software is included in the cost of the body camera. Where’s other comparable Systems can charge fee. Once you have the opportunity to use the camera and software software package is no wonder that is it one of the most popular body cameras in the world. Clearly this body camera is worthy of consideration for any Police Department large or small.