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Customer Support Services

1Customer Support Services.
Standard Technology Group (STG) has experienced trained experts and friendly customer service representatives who are ready to provide you with the necessary support anytime you need it. We have a toll-free number that you can call 24/7, a fax number and email address to interact with our technical support team. Email Address : Toll-Free Number : +1 480-343-1325 Fax : 877-377-2288 STG takes pride in providing our customers the highest quality support possible. One important reason that makes us a long-running leader in the industry is our great customer support. We are in the business of providing only the best in terms of products and services and we are willing to walk the extra mile to make that happen. Our technical team will be more than ready to assist you if you need advise on the right products that will fit in your need and budget,. Furthermore, We will also be here for you should you need installation or operation of any product that you have purchased.

Technical Support

1Technical Support
    • Repair
Repair of surveillance equipment is part and parcel of our business. If your equipment is not functioning at its optimum, never delay the repairs. Call today at 480-343-1325 and our technical team will be ready to cater to your problem. They can also give you a rundown of possible costs that may be incurred for the repair. ‘Strike while the iron is hot’! Never put off tomorrow any repair your equipment needs today. It is often ironic how burglaries often occur when the surveillance equipment is down. If your equipment is outdated and you think you need the latest surveillance equipment, check out our product pages and see your options. Contact us today. Our friendly and efficient customer service representatives and technical personnel are ready to address your concerns.
    • Installation
STG offers premium surveillance installation service. If you are planning to have a security system installed in your home or business, we are ready to provide rough estimates for any type of installation service you may need. There are several options of communication that you can use—phone, email, fax. Whether you are looking for a specific product for your business establishment or a simple surveillance system for your residence, you can count on STG experts to walk you through the different brands, types, advantages, etc, free of charge. Surveillance System for Residential Installation Surveillance System for Business Establishments Installation of your security system can easily be accomplished in one business day. Rest assured, your home or business premises will be restored to its order and cleanliness just like before the technicians came in. Burglary cases are going up! Call us +1 877-377-2288 now for a full package security system

Warranty Information

1Warranty Information
    • Warranty on Installation
We guarantee that all installations conducted by STG using products which are supplied by STG are free of any defects as a result of the installation process performed by STG. This warranty is restricted to the original purchaser of the products or services.
    • Liability Restrictions
The exclusive responsibility of STG under this warranty is limited only to the wiring, connections, and other elements of the installation process to ensure proper working condition. This warranty does not include suitability, merchantability, or operability of component parts. The components are distinctly covered by manufacturer warranties and subject to their own limitations and conditions. The following circumstances will render this warranty void: • When there is introduction or incorporation of any component which is not sold and included in the installation performed by STG. • Alteration of the installed components performed by STG
    • What is not Covered in this Warranty
A.1 Damage caused by natural calamities, power surges, or from third party actions e.g. vandalism, theft, fire, etc. A.2 Consequential or incidental damage as a result of the use or inability to use a unit which is covered under the warranty of the manufacturer. A.3 Repairs performed by an unauthorized repair or service company or dealer. A.4 Damage that arise as a result of modifications or alterations to the system, accident, misuse, abuse, introduction of foreign objects, or any action that has not been specifically authorized or recommended by STG. A.5 Damage caused by failure to follow instructions from STG.

Condition of Sale

1Condition of Sale
All information collected by STG is only used in our company to keep track of customers purchase history. In no way shape or form does STG sell or you share your information. STG guarantees quality installation by certified installers using professional-quality materials. If there is damage arising from negligence, STG shall be responsible in restoring the job site’s original condition as best as possible. The buyer will be consulted before or during the installation for any extra charges that may be incurred as a result of unexpected labor or additional parts. In case there are extra charges, the purchaser must agree to pay any of the stipulated extra charges. If the purchaser fails to pay for these extra charges, STG has the right to remove the equipment. STG reserves the right to substitute or use components which are of higher or equal value to complete an installation. The customer agrees to pay in full all the products and services purchased prior to the departure of the installing crew. If the customer refuses to pay, it will result in the removal of all installed products and additional charges for labor will be charged at the rate of P___ /hour. The cost of removal and replacement of defective component parts for warranty repair is not covered under manufacturer’s warranties. All work performed under manufacturer warranty will be charged with the established hourly rates.

Shipping Policy

1Shipping Policy
All orders are processed by 2pm to ensure validity and authority of your payment method. Once your payment and order have been processed by shipping department, the warehouse department will be notified to prepare your order for shipment. For payments made by credit or debit card, charges will be made once your order has been shipped. Processing of orders paid by credit card can take up to 3 business days. For security reasons, confirmation thru phone may be conducted before your credit card can be processed for payment. If the item(s) that you have ordered are available in the warehouse, shipment will be made as soon as possible. In case, any of the items are out of stock, you will be informed when availability and shipment will be made. All orders will be shipped via UPS (courier). There will be no deliveries during Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Rates
Shipping and handling rates will depend on the actual weight of your order and the type of shipping service that you will specify (overnight, ground, or air). In cases when an item is not in stock and has to be shipped at a later date and/or shipment has to be made in multiple boxes or via separate shipments, charges for shipping and handling for the entire order will be assessed once the first item is shipped out. We only have a one-time charge for shipping and handling of the entire order. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to connect with us using our different communication channels.